Words of Wisdom

What’s the best ID advice you’ve ever received?

One of my favorite bits of advice came from one of my professors at Purdue's Learning Design and Technology program, Dr. George Hanshaw. I doodled it onto a piece of paper that I keep at my desk.

  1. Think like a kid. Look at each project with new eyes and remove schemas that prevent a fresh perspective.
  2. Ask questions. Don't make any assumptions.
  3. Wonder 'What if?' What if the process worked like this? What if another person was in this role. Important to note though, it's not always appropriate to share your wonderings. 
  4. Enjoy the process. 
  5. Listen before doling out solutions!

Another of my favorites is a two-parter. Half comes from a Buddhist teaching that all of our words should be needed, nice, and true.

While reading Horton’s e-Learning by Design I discovered a surprising parallel! He notes that everything included in e-Learning should be clear, precise, and worthy.

I thought that made a nice little ID mantra, so also on my desk is an index card that says, “Clear, precise, worthy, needed, nice, true.”

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