PowToon for fast, easy animations

I've gotten a few questions about how I made the 2018 Trend Report with PowToon so I put together the screencast below to walk you through getting started on your first project with PowToon.

As I mention in the video, I am a late adopter of PowToon technology because of a mediocre experience with it many years ago. That should teach us all a lesson: If it doesn't taste good on your first bite give it at least two more tries! (I did the same thing with the first season of Parks and Recreation...when will I learn?!)

The trend report video isn't the best video ever made (obviously.), but what makes it special is the lightning-fast development time. That baby took me less that 20 minutes to make. That's probably about the same amount of time you use developing a quick Powerpoint lesson for your students or a simple presentation for the board, but--thanks to all of PowToon's pre-made templates-- you could pack those 20 minutes with an even more impactful punch. 

So, yes, I am once again late to the party...but I'm here now and looking forward to creatibg more with PowToon. 



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The 2018 All-Inclusive Trend Report