Responsible Tech Integration


Technology has revolutionized the way our culture receives, organizes, and shares information.

No doubt about it.

There is certainly a place for all of this great tech in developing learning and performance solutions, but the fact is: over use or inappropriate use of tech (more common than you would think, by the way) bogs down the learning experience. For that reason, I am very judicious in my incorporation of tech in learning.

I love to include the latest and greatest when it

  1. Enhances learning and performance. Tech should never be distracting or cumbersome. Tech should always be necessary

  2. Increases a sense of community. My favorite tools are the ones that promote social learning and cooperation!

Many times, flashy tech integration can rob you of intimate and exciting in-person learning opportunities. For your next meeting, challenge yourself to only use technology if it enhances interaction. Does the slide deck you developed spark collaboration? No? Let. It. Go. Opt for a low-tech solution that encourages participants to move and interact. 


Responsible use of technology is just as important (if not more so) for eLearning. For each feature you plan to include ask yourself, 'Is this the most effective way to reach my learning goals?" Remember that every feature, every, interaction, every word (!) should be used to serve your learning goals. A good rule of thumb: if the underlying concept can't be communicated without flashy technology, it hasn't been worked through quite enough. 

Stay tuned for more ways you can integrate technology to positively impact your business and community. 

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