Engage in Professional Development

Artifact 7:Reflection on Developing Expertise

For EDCI 672, Advanced Practices in Learning Systems Design, I was challenged to take a critical look at my development as a designer and the impact my engagement in professional development has on the trajectory of my career. I evaluated my performance on case analyses completed throughout the course using standards set forth by Ertmer & Stepich (2005), which distinguish the work of novices and experts based on their ability to

  • Synthesize rather than summarize
  • Describe principles rather than features
  • Articulate the relationships among design issues and their solutions
  • Respond reflectively rather than reflexively
  • Consider the implications of solutions
  • Respond with flexibility rather than rigidity

Evaluation of excerpts from the case studies were accompanied by an overall rating of my performance on each analysis. Finally, I concluded with an action plan to further my development from novice to expert.

kaboompics_Woman holding mobile phone.jpg

Demonstrates the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development

Throughout the experience of writing this reflection I was pleased at the progress I had made as evidenced by my writing. Unsurprisingly, however, I could still identify plenty of areas to improve my skills and grow into expertise. In the final portion of my paper I outlined a few concrete steps I could take to further my professional development, however nowhere is my willingness to engaging in lifelong learning more apparent than in the following sentence, found on page twelve: “I believe a key characteristic of experts is their ability to work creatively, seamlessly manipulating the many tools they have collected throughout years of experience, study, and reflection. My duty, then, is to continue collecting and curating my tools, so that one day I can work with the creativity that comes with expertise” (Nagy, 2016, p. 12).

Progression through this graduate program beyond EDCI 672 had continued to sharpen my skills and improve my ‘expert' thinking. In fact, in many ways I already embody the creativity that I alluded to in the previous excerpt. Ever in search of new challenges, I am excited to nurture and wield this creativity in the future to fully live up to industry, and personal, standards.


Ertmer, P. A. and Stepich, D. A. (2005). Instructional Design Expertise: How Will We Know It When We See It?. Educational Technology, November-December, 2005. Pgs. 38-43.
Nagy, S. (2016). Reflection on Developing Expertise. [Reflection Paper].