Right now you may have a blank canvas.

You may be a leader, teacher, or entrepreneur with a message. You may want to improve test scores, inspire a crowd, impress a date, impart a skill, or market your business.

You may simply want to be better understood. 

Whatever reason you are here, welcome. I know a blank canvas can be daunting, so I aim to fill this blog with practical advice you can use to reach your learning goals, be they professional, personal, or academic. Hopefully the resources you find here will help fill that canvas with an instructional masterpiece.  

I am an instructional designer, writer, and enthusiastic learner.

(If at this point you are wondering what an instructional designer is you can check this article out...)

On the blog I keep musings on the latest in education, technology, and human performance, along with my design portfolio and other learning-adjacent topics that come to mind. Sometimes I share my expertise and sometimes I celebrate my greenness. 

If you're looking for more CV-related information you can find it here.

Happy learning!